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Divorce is always a stressful experience. Getting a divorce can be relatively straightforward, but there are two aspects which can cause a great deal of concern.

The first aspect is that sometimes there are problems with access to children on divorce or when the parties to a marriage separate. These matters require careful and delicate handling.

The second aspect that causes dispute and worry on all sides is the fair and equitable division of the divorcing couple’s assets. Over a long period of marriage many valuable assets have been collected and now have to be divided.

Some aspects that are overlooked in divorces, is that family businesses can be hard to value and even harder to share fairly. In other cases one party may be uncertain as to the extent and value of the other party’s assets, fearing that this uncertainty may give rise to one party not getting his or her fair share.

In some cases dividing the assets where the assets involve property, small and medium sized businesses and other similar assets requires the skill of a commercial solicitor who can understand the commercial assets and consequences of dividing them. We have these skills and we bring our experience to advise about these difficult and sensitive matters looking for viable solutions.

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