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o Administering Estates of Deceased persons

o Inheritance Tax

o Assets of Deceased Persons located in Different Jurisdictions

o Probate

o Letters of Administration

After someone dies his or her assets have to be transferred to the beneficiaries. If the deceased left a will then the executors appointed have to pay any inheritance tax, “prove” the will at the court and then get a grant of probate which entitles the executors to administer the estate of the deceased in accordance with the will. If the deceased died without making a will a similar process but more complex occurs under which next of kin have to apply for a grant of administration from the court and then the administrators must distribute the estate in accordance with the intestacy rules.

A well-meaning executor lacking in expertise may find himself or herself in personal unforeseen financial obligations, so early advice is essential to avoid problems.

Great care must be taken in these matters otherwise the estate may end up paying too much inheritance tax, or too little, which will give rise to problems later on. Sometimes great complexity arises when administering estates of deceased persons where assets are spread over a number of different legal jurisdictions. We have special expertise in this field.

Administering the estates of deceased persons requires the skills of trained solicitors. We have these skills and can help you, whether you are an executor of a will, or an administrator under an intestacy or a beneficiary to ensure that things are correct done with appropriate expedition and guide you through all the technicalities. Contact us for more information.

Kyriakides & Braier, Solicitors